Biometric City: Paris 2011 is a workshop conceived for California College of the Arts by Erik Adigard, with Greg Cowley: Discover Paris by exploring, analyzing and remapping its structures, patterns and flows.

In the midst of city spaces large and small, we will catalogue notable aspects of street life, messaging, iconography, art, interfaces, devices, and other constructs that can bring both life and identity to spatiality. We will consider how these heterogeneous design agencies relate to each other, to people, to culture and/or to the economy.

Following a phase of critical thinking, we will define a point of view and conceive a comprehensive representation of the spaces we have explored. In order to invent the most appropriate “map”, we will consider symbolic representations, charting, data visualization, info graphics, interface design and any other technique that can allow us to reveal the rich and complex relationships that we have encountered. This course will demand that each student bring a determination to combine rigorous thinking with creative experimentation.

Biometric City is transdisciplinary. As such the course will help 4D, 3D and 2D designers to understand how physical spatiality and graphical representations can reveal each other’s fundamental structures and behaviors. The course will include techniques ranging from print diagrams to new media interfaces, but we will especially explore emerging technologies including iPad publishing and mobile apps. These technologies are not only changing the way we consume information, they are changing the way we experience space.

The workshop will be held at the  Récollets Center
150 rue du Faubourg Saint-Martin, Paris (métro: Gare de L’Est)
from July 13 to August 2nd

For further information please contact Erik Adigard

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